A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

The Story of the Briefing
The Briefing began as a passion project for Umble in 2019. His goal was to help players from the many different online sites and f2f groups get connected. Since then, the Briefing has become the go-to place for hobby leaders to make their announcements and is indispensable for serious players who want to stay up-to-date on hobby happenings. (Read more about the Briefing's beginnings).

At the one year mark, the call went out to the community for those who would like to be editors and thankfully several responded. Find out more about them below.
Publisher - umbletheheep (Russ)
Russ discovered Diplomacy searching for a game with more depth than Risk. He played his first match on the DPjudge back in 2008, and since then he has become well-known for getting 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths in the tournaments he plays in. He enjoys playing Diplomacy in any format and hopes that someday he'll get that elusive crown.
Editor - Dave Smith (NEFS)
Dave first learned about Diplomacy when he was enticed at college with the offer of free beer if he'd be the seventh for a game that was 'like Risk, but way better'. To his surprise, he enjoyed the game even more than the beer. He hasn't stopped playing or reading about the game since.
Editor - Diplomacer (John)
John has played face to face for a decade and online for half as long. Thanks for making this a part of my life, Adam. The true centers are the friends we make and the fun we have while playing. This is what you should tell anyone who asks at the start of a game.
Editor - Lady Razor (Matthew)
Sultry, seductive femme fatale Lady Razor isn't all she might seem. She's actually a small but well-moustachioed man from the depths of rural Cornwall, UK. Joining the online Diplomacy Nexus community in the S2 Tournament, she is now the Nexus' in-house illustrator. Play carefully, or your silly move might be the next subject of a withering drawing!
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