A Weekly Threat Assessment of the Diplomacy Community

The Briefing's mission is to keep the Diplomacy community connected. One way for us to do that is to grow our social media presence.

On May 1st, one lucky ally will receive a free Diplomacy set. They can choose between a brand new 50th edition game or a vintage one such as the 1961 first edition.

You can get up to six entries by:
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  2. Sharing the Giveaway Facebook Post
  3. Following our Twitter Page
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  5. Following us on Instagram
  6. Sharing the Giveaway Instagram Post.  
Our effort to grow our social media presence was a success with 200 people joining. We are now already at my goal of 500 subscribers. Congratulations to Tori Welsh for her win. Tori and her husband are avid Diplomacy players and chose a first edition 1961 set. Thank you also to the many who participated.
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